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e8pro Series
e8pro Series

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The E8pro Series was designed based on the feedback of many performers. They wanted a larger ball but not as heavy as a millet filled ball. The e8Pro is also desired by Jogglers because it is plastic resin filled, waterproof and durable out in the elements. Pro filling is a mixture of 2 plastics to get the weight/volume just perfect! e8Pro ballz are 1 weight down from their counterpart millet ball. Example, a millet filled 2.75 inch ball would weigh 130g where a 2.75 inch e8Pro is only 115g.
I believe that the e8Pro is the best beanbag juggling ball on the planet!
Price is per ball
Name : Patkin
Review : I am an average juggler at best. Up till now I've been using cheaper balls. I'd read conversations in online forums about the quality of GBallz, all expressing how great they are. "Great balance, shape and weight." Having purchased my own, I must say everything that was said about them is true. I'm very pleased! They have helped me improve and are a joy to use. Great fun!

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