Gballz® are professional quality juggling balls, made of Ultraleather® fabrics. Filled with white millet, Gballz are machine sewn, using the strongest Gütermann® thread. You choose the size and weight. "Get 'em how you like 'em." There is no need to bash these balls against a wall, or use any other trick to get them broken in.

Gballz keep the same great feel for a very long time.

Gballz are indoor professional juggling balls.

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Gballz Custom Juggling Balls

Throw Joy by Wes Peden Sponsored in-part By

Throw Joy

Wes Peden 2014

Throw Joy is 53 minutes of sledgehammer hitting ice-cream cake. The result of 561 days spent making 6 clubs tricks, strapping cameras to trees, and filling 8 juggling notebooks with questionable ideas. The video not only includes the most hardcore juggling Wes has ever done with balls, clubs, and rings but keyboards, chairs, tripods, paintings, and wine bottles are also recklessly thrown skyward. After 24 years on earth and 19 years of juggling Wes, finally has the freedom to make a hula hoop out of clubs! Bon appetite!


Throw Joy contents:
-Catching chair with head
-Wes’ best 3 club trick
-You’ve never seen 7 like this
-New 6 club tricks
-The death of ring juggling
-5 clubs #?%&
-Please clean the room
- P’s + 9′s + Snowmen + T’s
- Giant Tricks (incudes 5 bouquet backcrosses)

-$10,000 tricks + Bonus ball patterns + T4PE + Hotel + Bear Shoes + Floor + Whips and flips backs

This is a pay for download product.


Price: 15 Euros

Length: 53 minutes (main feature) 30 minutes (Extras)

Size: 3.9 GB (main feature) 1.9 (extras)

Format: MP4


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